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Written by Kim Tracy   

Work off that turkey and pie with us!

Buhler Wellness Center classes have officially started. 

Click here for membership information and schedules.

Stop by and check it out!

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City Wide Cleanup PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mayor Daniel Friesen   

Stutzman Refuse Disposal will once again be available to haul trash to the Reno County Landfill.  All items must be curbside by 7:00 a.m. They will NOT collect limbs appliances, hot water tanks, tires, cement, paint or chemicals.

City of Buhler will haul grass, leaves and lumber.  (Grass and/or leaves must be bagged.)  NO TREE LIMBS OR BRUSH WILL BE PICKED UP.  If limbs are deposited on top of other items, none of them will be picked up.  Items must be curbside by 7:00 a.m.  Please keep your items for the Buhler Landfill separate from the items that Stutzman’s will collect.


There will again be a collection site at 4th Avenue and Buhler Road (the southeast corner).  You will be responsible for bringing the items to the assigned area and they must be received by 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 1, 2010.  Again, The City of Buhler WILL NOT PICK UP the following items:

Hazzardous Waste—the Reno County Household Hazardous Waste Trailer will be at the 4th Avenue and Buhler Road to collect the following items:

  • Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides
  • Batteries including lead/acid (automobile) types and small “button” batteries which contain mercury.
  • Mothballs
  • Paint and paint thinners
  • Furniture strippers and finishing products
  • Used motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid or antifreeze

(The original packaging is best to store these items, however do NOT use plastic milk containers)

  • Solvents and degreasers
  • Wood preservatives
  • Nail polish and polish remover
  • Oven cleaners and drain cleaners
  • Metal polishes and rust removers
  • Mildew removers
  • Swimming pool chemicals
  • Furniture polish and waxes
  • Cleaners, including rug and upholstery cleaners, all purpose cleaners, scouring powders, spot removers and bathroom cleaners.





This year the City of Buhler will have a collection site for the following.  You will be responsible for bringing the items to the assigned area and they must be received by 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 1, 2010.


The southeast corner of 4th Avenue and Buhler Road will be the collection site.  Again, items must be received by 11:00 a.m. on May 1.  The City of Buhler will NOT pick up these items.


PC Metals Recycling will be at 4th Ave & Buhler Road to accept the following items:

  • Appliances such as hot water tanks, washers & dryers, stoves, dishwashers, microwaves and any refrigeration item such as window air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, etc. (freon does not need to be removed).
  • Mowers (riders & pushing), rotary tillers, metal lawn chairs and furniture.
  • Recreation and Exercise equipment, trampolines, swing sets, bicycles, motorcycles, auto parts-cars, trucks and related parts.
  • Aluminum & metal storm doors & windows (glass does not need to be removed), any & all metal (large or small), batteries, sheet metal, corrugated tin.
  • Propane Bottles.

Items not accepted:

  • Wire (barbed, chain link, bed springs).
  • NO SCHAVENGING ALLOWED!  PC Metals is not charging for this service so if you pick up items from the site, we will no longer be able to provide this service in the future as we will be charged for these services.


Tech Inc of Hutchinson will receive the following items at the 4th & Buhler Road location:


Computer towers (CPU’s).

Servers (PC-Mac).





Fax Machines.

Commercial All-in-one’s.









External hard drives.

Modems, Routers, Switches & Hubs.

Computer instruments (AUX pianos, drums, etc.).

Spare parts (wireless cards, hard drives, graphics cards, etc.).

Battery Backups (UPS).

Wires, cables, patch cords.



Connectors & adapters.



Cameras (& accessories).

Video cameras (& accessories).

Telephones & cell phones.

PDA’s (Palm Pilot, etc.).


DVD & CD players (portable & stationary).

Sound system components (Receivers, equalizers, amplifiers, etc).

Stereo systems (portable, not console).

MP3 players.

Cassette players.

Gaming systems (Wii, Playstation, X-Box, etc. & accessories).

Portable gaming systems (Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance, etc. & accessories).

Typewriters & word processors



All items collected for Tech, Inc of Hutchinson are considered E-Waste and are either broken down for recycling or reused






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Census 2010 PDF Print E-mail

Census2010_with_Hands_ColorUNITED STATES CENSUS


The U. S. Constitution requires a national census once every ten years.  All U. S. residents are to be counted – both citizens and non-citizens.  The count will determine representation in the U. S. House of Representatives for the next ten years.  Census data

will be used to determine allocation of federal funds for community services, such as

school lunch programs, and senior citizen centers, and new construction, such as highways and hospitals.

Only the compiled data is used.  By law the Census Bureau cannot share an individual’s responses with anyone, including other federal agencies and law enforcement entities.  Census workers will have identification.

You will receive a questionnaire with ten questions in March either by U. S. mail or hand delivery. The individual in whose name the housing unit is owned or rented should complete the questionnaire.   The questionnaire has specific instructions about counting all the people, including babies, living in the house, apartment or mobile home.  April 1, 1010 is the official day for the count.  The form is designed to provide information for as many as twelve people living at one address.   The form also gives telephone numbers to call if you have questions or need help completing the form.

In the last census only 80% of the residents of Buhler were counted.  This time let’s make it 100%!  It is a simple form, it’s safe to respond, there should be a postage-paid envelope for the completed form, and it’s important to our community and our nation as we plan for the next ten years.


Marlo Oltman

Reno County Complete Count Committee

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Single Stream Recyling PreSignup PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mayor Daniel Friesen   

Want to presignup for the City's new single stream recylcing program?

Make sure you qualify:

  1. You must have city refuse service now or be a commerical customer with Stutzman's Refuse
  2. You must live within the city limits

If you qualify, simply email Don Ratzloff at the city office and ask him to put you on the recylcing program list. The program will start around March 1st and a new poly cart will be delievered to your home or business.

Additional information will be on this website in the coming weeks.

Other Recyling News



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Finally, a new website! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Mayor Daniel Friesen   

It's been a long time coming but our new website is finally here.  Take a moment to browse the new site.  This site is designed to have dynamic content that is always changing, and changes can be made by many different people without having to know web programming.  If you would like to edit or add to this site, please contact  Depending on your affiliiation with the city you may be able to have direct access to edit certain pages of this site.  We need contributers to help keep this site continually up to date!

Thanks for visiting!

Daniel P. Friesen


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